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the independent natural bodybuilding pro competition

The objectives of the ANBF Natural Elite PRO can be compared to renowned tournaments in various sports, such as the Olympic Games in athletics or the Super Bowl in American football. Similar to these prestigious competitions, we aim to bring together outstanding athletes from different backgrounds and federations and provide a stage to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level.

As a Natural Pro athlete, why should you apply to ANBF Natural Elite Pro?


ANBF Natural Elite Pro brings together the best natural bodybuilders from different backgrounds and federations. It's a chance for you to compete against the best of the best, test your skills and show your true potential on a big stage.


Our competition ensures fair evaluation methods and attaches great importance to transparency and integrity. The jury consists of members from various associations, which ensures a diverse and unbiased assessment. Jury members are carefully selected to ensure the highest standards of judging.


ANBF Natural Elite PRO is an open, association-independent event. Regardless of your affiliation, you have an opportunity to compete and shine in this inclusive competition. It's a sign of unity and collaboration within the bodybuilding community.


By participating and successfully completing the ANBF Natural Elite PRO, you can earn the prestigious ANBF Natural Elite PRO title. This recognition sets you apart as a premier natural bodybuilder, cementing your status and establishing your position in the scene.


When you take the stage you will be part of one of the biggest natural bodybuilding events in Europe and enjoy all the benefits of the ANBF. This includes professional photo shoots, exclusive goodies, a backstage buffet for athletes and a welcoming, family atmosphere. We strive to provide an athlete-centric approach so you feel valued and supported throughout your journey.


As an Austrian sports club, we work on a non-profit basis. Every penny earned is reinvested back into the organization so we can continually improve and grow. All our helpers and the organizing team work voluntarily and unpaid. By participating, you contribute to the development of the sport and help us offer future athletes even better competitions.


By participating in the ANBF Natural Pro Show you have the opportunity to compete for a substantial prize pool for the TOP 3 athletes in the competition. At ANBF, we strive to attract the best sponsors and distribute as much prize money as possible.


The ANBF offers you a platform to network with other athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts. It's an opportunity to expand your network, gain visibility and open doors for future collaboration and opportunities.

Be part of this exceptional opportunity to showcase your talent, compete at the highest level and embody the true spirit of Natural Bodybuilding.

The ANBF Natural Elite Pro currently consists of men's bodybuilding, men's physique and women's bikini class, each includes a maximum of 15 athletes. Even if you are a professional in another class and support our idea, you can apply now. We will let you know when we expand the class in the coming years. This may be an incentive to start your competition preparation.

Selected athletes have access to the ANBF Natural Elite Pro class in their personal athlete profile. The ANBF also reserves the right to award wildcard invitations to athletes.

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Anti-Doping: Once you are admitted to the Pro class and confirm this, you are a member of the ANBF and are subject to the ANBF Anti-Doping Scheme implemented in cooperation with Global Quality Sports. You must comply with our Anti-Doping Policy and certify that you are free from doping substances and will be enrolled in the ANBF Natural Elite Pro Anti-Doping Program conducted in partnership with GQS. You also agree to make yourself available for doping testing beyond the end of your membership. Violation of these guidelines will result in you being expelled from the Association and all associated costs being your responsibility. For more information see:

Costs: As soon as you receive a positive confirmation of participation, the costs for participation, anti-doping and membership amount to €300 (membership: €50, entry fee and anti-doping fee: €250, -).

Secure your place in the open Natural Pro class now and fight for the ANBF NATURAL ELITE PRO title.