Here you find the most important Questions and Answers. If you have further questions, please contact us via info(at)anbf.at.

How do you know that you are registered for the competition?

After submitting the completed online registration form, an e-mail with the subject "Wettkampf Anmeldung" will be sent to the specified e-mail address. This email is already the confirmation of participation. In addition, it is checked whether the amount to be paid has been transferred. When registering, the ANBF will check the list again.


When is a double start (in several classes) possible?

A double start is only possible in the following classes

  • Teenage
  • Juniors
  • Masters Women and Men
  • Handicap
  • Pairposing

For example, if you start in the juniors class you can also participate in your respective weight class, e.g. men bodybuilding up to 75kg. It is also possible to start in the Masters class. Here you can for example make a double start in women's Masters class and figure. Starting in several weight classes or Bodybuilding + Physique is not allowed.

In which classes is a individual posing routine possible?

You can do an individual posing routine in all men weight classes and juniors, teenagers, classic physique, and women physique.

​​​​​​​In pair posing, the posing routine is mandatory!

What is the procedure of the athlete check-in?

Registration is only possible the day before the competition! Friday, 30.09.2022 - 13:00 to 19:00 - ÖTB-Halle - Jahnstraße 2, 4320 Perg

  • Please have a photo ID ready for identification and your ANBF membership.
  • Depending on the class, you will then come to the weigh-in and/or size measurement.
  • Afterwards you will receive your starting number and a goodie bag from the ANBF.

What happens if I don't make the specified weight/size class?

If you do not make the specified class, you will be assigned to the correct class according to the weight/measurement.

In the case of Classic Physique/Men's Physique, you will be moved to the appropriate bodybuilding.  ​​​​​​​

What costs should I expect?

An annual membership fee of € 50.00 is charged for membership in the ANBF. The participation fee for a competition is € 100.
Other costs such as tanning, travel, accommodation, etc. should also be taken into account.

What tanning / coat is allowed for the competition?

No smear colors or oils are allowed, this will result in disqualification.

We recommend using an on-site tanning service, but we does not offer spray tanning ourselves. We work with a tanning service and provide room for this service. The registration of a spray tanning is to be organized and paid for by the athletes theirselves. The ANBF has no influence on this and takes no guarantee or liability for the implementation and quality of the service.


How exactly does the procedure on the copm day look like

A timetable will be announced.


Which classes are there?

A distinction is made between women and men, ie a woman can only start in a class offered for women. Exceptions to this are the pairing and handicap classes.


Women Men
Women Bikini (up to 165cm) Teenage (until 1 day before your 18. birthday)
Women Bikini (from 165cm) Juniors (18 to 21)
Women Figure Men Physique (up to 180cm)
Women Physique Men Physique (from 180cm)
Masters I Women (over 40 Jahre) Bantamweight (Men up to 70kg)
Masters II Women (over 50 Jahren) Lightweight (Men up to 75kg)
  Middleweight (Men up to 80kg)
  Light Heavyweight (Men up to 85kg)
  Heavyweight (Men from 85kg)
  Classic Physique (up to178cm)
  Classic Physique (over 178cm)
  Masters I Men (over 40 Jahre)
  Masters II Men (over 50 Jahre)
Handicap (medical attestation)

If there are enough registrations (at least 3), there will be a women's junior class where the affected persons will be informed about a possible start during registration.

With too few participants it could happen that the classes men or women Masters 1 + 2 gonna be merged. The same goes for the ladies bikini classes.


As organizers, we leave ourselves open to further divisions or mergers.

Will the junior classes be split?

The junior class will be split among enough participants.

Is there a weight limit on the Men Physique class?

Yes. The maximum body weight consists of the size (in cm) minus 100. More informations about each class can be found at: https://www.anbf.at/info

Does the ANBF organize its own posing seminars?

Yes, the ANBF offers posing seminars for its members. These will be announced via the newsletter and SocialMedia.

More information will be included in it. 


Is DFAC your umbrella organization?

DFAC is not our umbrella organization. We like to cooperate with associations and give athletes a chance to start in national associations. The ANBF is a separate, independent association with its own classes, regulations and doping controls.

What happens if too many or too few starters are registered in a class?

We reserve the right to divide or combine classes. This will be decided by the competition director after the registration deadline and communicated to the athletes by the ANBF via the newsletter and/or social media.