Terms and Conditions

Any competition registration or membership of the ANBF is subject to the following general terms and conditions. The member expressly agrees to these conditions when registering for a competition or membership and undertakes to comply with them. There is no right of withdrawal.

Participation in the competition

To participate in an ANBF competition, you must be a member of the ANBF. In the case of a new registration, a separate ANBF membership number will be assigned and the member shall be responsible for all the rights and obligations of the ANBF. When participating in a competition, a participation fee of € 100 will be charged, which will become due after registration for the competition and must be transferred online. Registration for participation in a competition including a refund of the participation fee is only possible up to the registration deadline for the respective competition. After that there is no right to a refund.

Membership in the association

Registration as a member of the ANBF takes place via the website and does not yet include automatic participation in a competition. When registering, the member undertakes to pay an annual membership fee of € 50. Membership is automatically renewed annually unless the member unsubscribes from the association no later than one month before renewed renewal. The deregistration does not take effect immediately, but only at the end of the current year of membership. If the member has canceled, he / she undertakes to be available for doping controls for a further year even after membership has ended (details in the area of ​​doping controls). In the user account, the member can also download his personal membership card in order to show it at competitions, if necessary also at other associations that recognize the membership of the ANBF. The validity of the membership and also of the ID can be checked by other associations.

The ANBF athlete profile

An ANBF athlete profile on the ANBF homepage is required to participate in a competition. For members of the ANBF itself, this is automatically adopted based on the member profile. In the course of registering for a competition, the athlete provides personal data there, which is processed and used by the ANBF in accordance with the applicable GDPR guidelines. The athlete expressly agrees that this data may be passed on to third parties or companies commissioned by the ANBF to handle a competition & nbsp; (e.g. doping control, jury, tanning service, ... ). In addition, the athlete agrees that name, photo and age may also be publicly placed on the ANBF website (e.g. placement, wall of fame, wall of shame).

The membership fee

The membership fee of € 50 is payable annually. Every ANBF member is requested to transfer the contribution in due time to the correct IBAN of the ANBF. Since membership is also automatically extended, it is advisable to set up a standing order. No activity in the club or no participation in competitions does not exempt you from paying the membership fee. The cancellation period of one month before the annual renewal must also be observed.

Doping controls

The ANBF is a natural bodybuilding association and therefore carries out random doping controls. These can take place on the day of the competition as well as during the year outside of the competition season. The athlete undertakes to have these doping controls carried out by an independent representative appointed by the ANBF. In addition, the athlete undertakes to grant this representative access to his / her private premises even in the event of an unannounced inspection. Should an athlete refuse this doping control or manipulate, delay or falsify a test, the test will be rated as "failed". If an athlete tests positive for a prohibited substance ( Wada prohibited list ) or if the doping control is not carried out for other reasons, he / she will be excluded from the ANBF for life, has to cede the awards he has received so far and has to pay for all costs that have arisen in connection with his / her fraud. In addition, he / she loses access to his / her ANBF profile and is listed in the "Wall of Shame".


All persons present (regardless of whether they are an athlete, accompanying person or spectator) & nbsp; undertake & nbsp; to observe the rules of the ANBF and the house rules of the event hall. & Nbsp; The instructions of the ANBF staff must be followed. In the event of repeated violations of orders or instructions, the person concerned can be expelled from the location. There is no entitlement to reimbursement for admission, membership or entry fees that have already been paid.

Photos and videos

In order to be able to take photos and videos with a professional camera (detachable lens), people need a press pass, which must be requested from the ANBF at least one week before the competition. Access with professional camera equipment is prohibited without a press pass. Taking pictures with a mobile phone camera is permitted.

Check In

In order to be able to start the competition, a so-called check-in is necessary on the day before the competition. This checks whether the athlete meets the criteria for his / her class and whether membership in a recognized natural association is upheld. If necessary, the first doping tests are also carried out. If the athlete has paid his / her entry fee, he / she will receive his / her start number and may prepare for the performance backstage. Only the athlete and a single accompanying person designated by him / her have access to the backstage area. Access to the backstage area is prohibited for people without a valid residence permit.


All athletes are judged by a carefully selected and trained competition jury. The evaluation of the competition classes is based on different criteria of the respective class and is based purely on the visual body structure. The evaluations are fair, objective and do not take into account the age, height, origin or skin color of the participant. The athlete undertakes to accept the jury evaluations and the related placement. Questions are allowed - complaints are undesirable and show bad sportsmanship.