Waiting list

ANBF Autumn Championship 2024

Register Until 10.08.2024
54 places available
Starting fee: 130,00€

Bodybuilding Juniors (18 to 21)
Masters Figure I (over 40 years)
Masters Figure II (over 50 years)
Masters I Men (over 40 years)
Masters II Men (over 50 years)
Masters III Men (over 60 years)
Women Bikini
Classic Physique
Mens Physique
Women Figure
Mens Bodybuilding
Women Physique
New Regsitration

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The fewer classes you choose, the higher your chance of getting a starting place.

If a starting place becomes available, you will be informed immediately by email and have 3 days to confirm and pay for your registration (and your profile if you don't have one yet).