ANBF 2020

Dear friends of the ANBF!

We are currently faced with the question if the ANBF on September 26 is possible.

A few days ago we carried out a small survey on instagram and would like to thank you for your messages and comments! 

The health of everyone involved is the most important thing and we will therefore take the time until the end of May to make the right decisions. This is not an unnecessary delay, but the measures are currently being relaxed in many areas.

We know how much the last months of preparation cost. Preparing for a competition that may not take place doesn't make preparation easier. That is why we want to make a fair decision based on discussions with authorities, doctors, athletes and coaches, but also other associations that may have very similar concerns.

At the moment, many restrictions are being relaxed - all shops are open, means of transport are running normally, schools are starting up again and gyms will hopefully open again at the end of May. In Austria, shops, public buildings and public transport still require a mask and a certain distance to other people. We were informed that exactly these two restrictions can only be lifted when an vaccine against COVID-19 will be successfully distributed to the population.

The mask and distance obligation, which will almost certainly be present at the end of September are a limiting factor for the course of our planned event. In addition the organizer should also be able to ensure that a) all athletes and supervisors in the backstage area have an area with sufficient distance from other participants, b) the paths in the halls are designed so that there is sufficient distance c) allow a maximum of 3 or 4 participants on the stage at the same time and d) allow the event to take place without an audience.


The ANBF event is held as an international championship.

The limiting factor for our event is the freedom to travel. A lot participants come from abroad. We do not currently know if trips abroad will be possible in autumn. Even if the number of cases in Austria is currently good and Germany also shows a similar development with regard to the measures freedom to travel will not be fully restored in September and possibly also under conditions (e.g. border crossing only with the current COVID-19 test ).

As already mentioned, the health of those involved is our top priority. Of course, as an association, we are responsible for the event, so the decision is not only based on the knowledge that many are already preparing and would like to start, but also on an economic risk assessment. While the revenue of an event without an audience is almost zero, we would also have to plan with additional costs for a higher quality live broadcast.

If we had to make the decision today, we would have to cancel the show. We would therefore like to wait until the end of May and observe the development of the current number of cases. Of course, the medical aspects are less relevant to us than the legal situation and the epidemiological regulations derived from the department. We hope, of course, that the show will go on.

You are welcome to write us your opinion!

Stay healthy!