ANBF Natural Elite Pro

The ANBF is celebrating its 10th birthday and in keeping with our anniversary we proudly present the ANBF Natural Elite Pro!

The ANBF Natural Elite Pro is a unified and independent natural bodybuilding professional competition that brings together the best Natural Pro bodybuilders from around the world on one big stage to showcase their skills.

As pioneers in the Austrian natural bodybuilding scene, we are known for well-organized competitions and processes. We offer this high standard to you professional athletes in natural bodybuilding and cordially invite you to become part of one of the biggest events of your career.

In addition to sporting competition, we attach great importance to cooperation and cross-club networking. Our cross-club jury panel offers you the unique opportunity to be evaluated by an international jury.

If you are a Natural Pro athlete then apply now for the ANBF Natural Elite Pro on October 21st, 2023 and become part of this spectacular event!

Visit our website at for more information and to apply for the ANBF Natural Elite Pro.