Unfortunately, before we can take care of more positive things, we have to publish this statement:

At yesterday's ANBF championship, random anti-doping controls took place. The respective athletes were asked to take an anti-doping test after their stage appearance. All but one athlete complied with this request without any problems and fully cooperated with the controls of our commissioned agency.

However, one athlete and his supervisor have decided to leave the venue after being asked to perform an anti-doping control despite being accompanied by an anti-doping chaperone (specially assigned companion for the control) and to evade the control. Unfortunately, all subsequent telephone contact attempts failed.

Bypassing a control is equivalent to an anti-doping rule violation and is treated as a positive result. It follows that not only the athlete concerned (bypassing a control) but also his supervisor (helping to bypass a control) had to be athletically disqualified by the ANBF. You will also be banned from us for life.

Due to the disqualification, the ANBF announces corrected placements in the following classes:

1. #120 Tobias Rehagel
2. #94 Thomas Graser
3. #114 Christian Wiesauer
4. #38 Rui Alexandre Paixao Soares

1. #110 Bosongo Mudimu
2. #139 Christian Glunk
3. #107 Maik Sperlich
4. #8 Philipp Tastekin
5. #79 Constantine tree
6. #51 Noah Stattmann
7. #52 Stefan Manhartseder
8. #143 Thomas Kocaget

The top 10 placements are on our website: