Classic Physique Class

Dear friends of the ANBF!

In our club, the athletes have always been the focus of our activities. We understand many of the needs and wishes of our athletes and try to respond to them.

We are therefore particularly pleased to be able to announce that the ANBF will now be offering a Classic Physique category (men). At the championship on October 1st, this class will already be counted. We would be happy to provide you with the following details:

Enter the Classic Physique category

For new registrations, the class is available for selection in our online system. Athletes who have already registered for another class can now register for free and select the Classic Physique if they wish.

As with other categories, a double start is only possible in connection with the age groups (teenage, juniors, masters), the pair posing class and the handicap class. A double start in another category (e.g. Bodybuilding or Men's Physique) is not possible, as the Classic Physique class is run as a separate category.

Competitive Classes

Within the Classic Physique, two height competition classes are offered:

  • up to 178cm
  • from 178cm

Should an athlete register for the smaller class and experience a height increase by the time of the check-in before the competition (weighing, measurement and start number issue) and are over 178cm tall, the competition class will be corrected by the ANBF and the athlete will start in the correct class.

Weight limit

The athlete may only reach a certain body weight. The maximum body weight is made up of the height in cm minus 100. For example, if the athlete is 176cm tall, the calculation results in a maximum body weight of 76kg.

Competition clothing

Athletes wear black posing shorts (not: posing briefs like bodybuilding classes or shorts like physique class).


All athletes enter the stage at the same time. At the introduction of each athlete, a short pose. In classes with more than 10 participants, a so-called elimination round will be carried out.

  • elimination round
    • Quarter turns in the lineup
    • Callouts (mandatory poses)
    • Announcement of the top 10 and awarding of medals from place 10
    • Posedown athletes from place 10
  • Main round
    • Quarter turns in the lineup
    • Callouts (mandatory poses)
    • Announcement of the top 5 and awarding of medals for places 6 to 10
    • All athletes leave the stage
  • Freestyle
    • For top 5 athletes, the presentation of a freestyle posing is possible (max. 60-90 seconds). The order of the presentations will be according to start numbers, unless the competition management determines a different order. The freestyle is not included in the evaluation.
  • Comparison poses Top 5
  • pose down
  • Prize Ceremony

Mandatory poses

  • Introduction in the lineup: max. 1 short pose
  • Quarter Turns
  • Front Double Biceps
  • Side Chest from preferred Side
  • Back Double Biceps
  • Abdominals and Thighs
  • Classic Pose

Evaluation Criteria

We are looking for a classic “X-frame” with sweeping legs, a narrow waist and broad shoulders. The whole thing is rounded off by a wide back section. The aim is to gain as much muscle mass as possible with a low body fat percentage.

Rating consists of

  • Muscle mass and definition (the so-called muscle hardness),
  • Symmetry and balance of muscle groups, upper body to lower body and front to back view,
  • Presentation and stage presence
  • These components result in the overall impression that leads to the corresponding rating.


Overall Classic Physique:

The class winners of the Classic Physique compete for the overall victory of the Classic Physique.


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