Information ANBF 2021

Since the autumn championship of the ANBF 2021 is getting closer and closer, we ask you to announce your supervisor in your athlete profile by Sunday, September 5th, 2021 at the latest. After that, no changes can be made to the information provided by the supervisor. The supervisor must take their ID and a valid Corona QR code with them when checking in on September 24th. If the details do not match, he will not only get no access to the backstage area, but also no access to the hall.

We ask the athletes who are preparing a freestyle to upload this as an MP3 file to the athlete profile at least one week before the competition (September 18, 2021). After that, no further changes can be made here either.

The timetable can also be found online at

Good luck with the rest of the preparation.

Sporty greetings