Procedure on competition day

Today we will inform you about the planned on-stage procedure on the day of the competition:

If there are more than 10 participants in a class or group, the top 10 will be determined in an elimination round with quarter turns and comparison poses as well as callouts. The other participants can leave the stage to applause and share 11th place (without ranking).

In the main round (max. 10 athletes), the top 5 will be determined in the same way, and we will then warmly thank places 6 to 10 with applause for their participation.

The top 5 can finally present their personal freestyle (voluntary) or an I-Walk (mandatory) in the final and then fight for victory in quarter turns and comparison poses.

The competition will be held as a “run-through competition”. Immediately after the top 5 have been rated, the ranking will be announced and the trophies will be awarded.

Note: Quarter turns are performed in bikini, figure and couple posing, but no comparison poses.

The classes are divided according to height. You will find out the exact division and therefore the exact time of your respective class the evening before after registration (check-in the day before).