ANBF Competition 2021

Make space on your shelves - we are already polishing the trophies!

The time has come, we can announce the 8th International Austrian Championship of the ANBF on September 25th in the ÖTB hall in Perg, Upper Austria!

We are pleased that in addition to our main sponsor Lionfit, Intelligenth Strength has agreed to support us this year and will also act as the main sponsor.

Also in cooperation with the DFAC Drug Free Athletes Coalition, we can award ProCards again this year.

Registration is now possible at:
With the registration, a profile is created there you can manage all data (competition participation, class, etc.)

A maximum anount of 100 athletes this year will be possible. Registration for competitions is only possible until the end of August.

The event is carried out in accordance with the currently applicable Corona regulations.

We look forward to the spotlight and smell of Spraytan,
we look forward to seeing you again or getting to know you
we look forward to you, the stage will be yours!