Registration for the 10th ANBF Championship 2023 open

For the 10th anniversary we have put together a special package for all athletes, fans and friends of the ANBF, we do not want to withhold this news from you: The ANBF is getting a lot bigger and we can tell you that we will be at the 10th ANBF Championship on October 21, 2023 in the TIPS Arena Linz.

We heard your calls and searched a long time for a suitable hall in a larger city. The event location in the provincial capital Linz is a big leap for our club and we are pleased that we can now also activate registration for athletes.

The number of starting places is slightly higher than last year but limited for organizational reasons - you know us: we love time management and hate delays!

Visitor tickets will only be available in large numbers at a later date. The new location is approx. 5x the size of our previous hall and visitor tickets will certainly not be sold out in one day this year. Mom and grandma, neighbors and training colleagues are welcome to come along and cheer on all the athletes.

There's still some time left until October and maybe there will be more surprises over time!

Until then, please let us know what you think of the new location.

Your (heavily motivated) ANBF

ANBF 2023